BioParc Valencia Opens

I have to admit that I'm a little behind on this one, but the new zoo in Valencia, Spain, called the BioParc, is now open. In fact, it opened early this spring, but thanks to an "also behind the times" mention in American Airlines' inflight magazine, I'm bringing it to you now.

Apparently, only phase one has been opened. This phase is focused entirely on Africa. Subsequent phases will include Southeast Asia and the Tropics (which, to me is one in the same, so I'm confused!). The park prides itself on the use of landscape immersion techniques, blurring the line of the animals' boundaries. One guest describes his experience eloquently here, including what sounds to be a pretty incredible walk-amongst-the-lemurs exhibit.

The park is approximately 25 acres (not sure if that is the final size or what is currently open), ticket price is 20 euros, and the collection is over 4000 animals strong. The ZooBeat forum outlines the current species on hand.

Unfortunately, the official website is in Espanol, and I know only a few words unlikely to be found on the site. Perhaps someone could help me out with some translation?

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